Our Proficiency

Mobile First

Developing mobile responsive web application and native IOS & Android application becomes our reowned mastery as a result of colossal shift in consumer behavior on the mobile driven world.

Full Stack Development

Our exhaustive architectural expertise in all stack layers of development & deep understanding of business processes will help you to take your ideas and turn them into marketable products.

Professional Outsourcing

Proved to be a trusted partner for 25+ companies for transferring contractual, ad-hoc employees and project-based recruitment in different state-of-the-art technologies with our flexible model.

Agile Delivery

With concrete agile practices and continuous delivery strategy, we enable rapid development and frequent delivery of software, with continual user involvement and improved user experience.


End to end operational experience with most of the cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud in the container and serverless architecture for managing huge application with scalability and high availability.

Data Analysis

We make your data to serve, produce, optimize and compete for higher business outcomes by extracting transformative insights and business values out of it with leading big data technologies.

Machine Learning

Proficient in training advanced algorithms using cutting-edge deep learning technologies and analytics with computer vision and Natural Language processing to improve your business productivity.


Our pervasive IOT experiences enables you to connect, collect, store, analyse, visualise and act on the device data by addressing enterprise needs to bring improved decision making and user experiences.

Trusted by 50+ companies

Our Expertise

Health Care

More than 15 years of experience in providing software solutions for the healthcare industry and have a successful implementation of software in more than 100 hospitals across India. Doctor friendly Electronic Case Sheets with extensive diagnostic analytics addressing most of the clinical departments, highly customisable billing, insurance management solution with business intelligence, information systems for end to end hospital operation and patient relationship management with patient portal mobile solutions are our top solutions.


Addressing most prominent use case of education domain in last 6 years, we become leading solutions provider in the market. Our constructive solution are handling the billing and end to end operations, Parent relationship management and Online payments, Vehicle tracking system, Exam management and analytics. Camp Info is our customized solution with ERP and integrated Parent relationship mobile app which enables digitilization of inside and out management and seamless updates and effective communication to parents with enhanced parents \ student satisfaction.


Our Products